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The Michaelis "Mi.shea.lis" Story 


How We Started

Originally created as "EuroMarket" in 2000,  Denise and Robbie Jerome founded and started a wine and spirits shop with a walk-in cafe in Louisville, KY. With the city/county merger, a competitor moved in next door and the company had to find a way to evolve quickly. With a large request from customers to try out catering, Denise and Robbie decided to make the large leap to another industry. The company began vending pre-packaged sandwiches, then moved on to corporate box lunches, hot buffet drop-off orders, and then large upscale events. EuroMarket turned into "The Catering Company" and held it's spot as Louisville's top 10 Caterers, according to Business First. 

With the growth of the company, Denise and Robbie wanted to take it even further. Inspired by a family story, "The Catering Company" was re-named "Michaelis Events", after the owner's Great Uncle, whose original last name was "Michaelis" and was later changed to "Jerome" in pursuit of following their dream to become a successful entertainer. Within a couple years the company was re-branded from strictly catering services to now what is known as one of Louisville's top Event Planning agencies and the only event company in the region to offer all event services under "one roof", in an award winning capacity!

Our Belief with Planning Events the "Old Fashioned Way."..

"I have learned that the issue with planning an event with a company or single planner that doesn't source the final product is like playing a game of 'telephone'. With the old fashioned way, the client or planner typically communicates their vision to 10 or more different vendors, and everyone has a different understanding of what the client's end result should be.  Nothing ever looked cohesive or would be the final vision the client had in their mind. Now, with our custom planning process, our clients are able to have one event specialist and a project manager who is trained to think through every detail and ask every question possible to understand the client's vision. They then lead our operations team to make sure it's accurate, according to the client's wishes. Our Operations Team meets with the client's project manager directly, multiple times, throughout the year to make sure the final product and design are exactly to the client's expectations. At any point in time our Event Project Managers can walk into our kitchen, floral studio, bakery, or warehouse and quickly fix an issue or snap a picture and send it to the client to make sure it meets their wishes." Lauren Brown, President of Michaelis Events

Who We are Now and Where We are Going

Michaelis Events is a  women-owned, (certified WBE) award winning Event Planning company, based in Louisville KY. We offer services, such as complete event planning and design, day of coordination, catering, bar, cakes, desserts and pastries, floral designs and installments, custom rentals,  entertainment, staffing, and so much more! We are the ONLY company in the region that houses all event services under one roof!

We believe that the key to creating a unique and personal event is by letting guests experience our client's story first hand.

And the most magical way to do that is to BRING THEIR STORY TO LIFE!

Experiences Tested and Proven to Work!

At Michaelis, we don't just design spaces to be beautiful, we gather detailed analytics on all potential demographics and test them out on our client's prospective audiences. We use this information as the base of our designs, then structure visuals and emotional ques around that message, from what guests want to experience at a wedding, to events geared for employee engagement, flavor palettes, design trends, environmental psychology studies,  and much more.

Leading the Industry through Innovation and Hard Work

At ME we are always staying ahead of the market. Testing out new flavor palettes, researching trending visuals, testing social media interactions, and even traveling the world to bring you the most original ideas for your next event. We update our products, rentals, and services quarterly to ensure that we offer something new each time we work with a client. Each one of our event team members is professionally trained in their craft and teaches at our new Michaelis Events Annual Academy for new artists and event enthusiasts each year.  We are proud to be the only events company in Louisville that holds the title of Tourism Ambassador, and continue to be ranked in Louisville's top 10 best caterers list!


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-----Meet Our Team Below-----

We are Michaelis Events-2



Meet Denise 

Co-Owner & Established Author 

(Michaelis Leadership Team)

While bio-chemistry is her major, Denise has a passion for coaching and mentoring internal staff, as well as new business owners. By going through the struggle herself of growing a small business, she is able to guide new entrepreneurs through the financial hardships and emotional anxiety that comes with balancing both the personal side with professional. You will find her now spending most of her time speaking at seminars on small business, the event industry, and on managing a family business. You can check out her newest book, an anthology, "Imagination @ Work", now available for purchase.   


Meet Lauren

Co-Owner & President

(Michaelis Leadership Team)

With a double major in Business and Psychology, Lauren has led the business development of the company for over 14 years. Gaining the respect and admiration of her clients, Lauren is known for being transparent, a leading professional in the event industry, and has a reputation for exceeding the expectations of her clients. While managing the leadership team and working side by side with Michaelis' most high-end clients is her main focus, Lauren also works with other industry leaders to grow the company in many more facets for the future!  


kalye head shot

Meet Kalye

Visionary & Marketing Director

(Michaelis Leadership Team)

With a degree and experience in Design and Visual Merchandising, Kalye has worked in conjunction with Michealis Events for over 11 years. From traveling and designing at multiple locations, she is able to help grow the business by combining audience analytics and her creative ideas, and applying them to every aspect of the company. From brand development, to product enhancement, and business growth, she works with Michaelis' high level clients, partnered professionals, and internal staff to offer creative out-of-the-box thinking. You might find her traveling to various industry leaders, overseeing photo-shoots, or on-site at our ticketed events.




Meet Sara

Operations Manager

(Michaelis Leadership Team)

While Sara started off with Michaelis as a Pastry Chef, designing cakes for brides and corporate clients, ME quickly noticed her skill and hard-work, and elevated her to the Operations Manager. Sara has a skill for problem solving, keeping a level head, and leading her team through great communication and teamwork. She oversees all product development, ordering, Operations, and our Logistics team to ensure consistency, quality, and profitability for the company.  You can find Sarah teaching classes at Michaelis' Event Academy on Pricing Development, Thinking Logistically, and even Cake Design! 

Chef David

Meet David

Executive Chef

Formerly Executive Chef to Kentucky's famous restaurant, "Lilly's Bistro", Chef David decided to get out of the restaurant industry and take on catering! Working hard to bring new flavors, plates, and creations to the catering world, he has brought his love of bold flavors, colorful designs, and classically trained technique to every event! Chef David is the only Chef in Louisville that has extensive experience cooking Chef-Style menus for thousands of people through the difficult parameters that can come with catering. By developing his own new and innovative techniques, he has successfully created high-end style menus that hold for travel, appease the masses, and have that "WOW" appeal! 

james guy

Meet James 

Director of Corporate Events

With a history in hotels and a passion for creatively growing businesses, Jim joined Michaelis for business development and creative corporate concepts! Jim hit the ground running when he joined Michaelis, quickly bringing new ideas to the table on how to solve large issues the corporate industry was experiencing! From employee prospecting, to retention, and sales growth, Jim has excessive knowledge in working with CEO's on how to building their business through using events as a marketing platform. Jim excels at listening and understanding the core root of a problem to offer solutions that have a true impact and bring profitability to his clients. His clients know him as more of a "Partner", not just their representative for a singular event.  


Meet Logan

Project Manager

Originally working in Business Development, Logan grew more and more passionate with building relationships and being apart of growing the business internally. She is known for her great attitude, teamwork skills, and passion for protecting the team as a whole. She works to implement new procedures that benefit the staff internally and on-site at events, as well as thinking through new obstacles to solve them before they happen. Logan works on-site at events and acts as a representative of both the client, venue manager, event partners, and leader of Michaelis Events' staff to ensure that all parties involved are communicating properly, executing the project for the client as a whole, and happy with the experience Michaelis brought to the event.    


Meet Olivia

Project Manager & Corporate Event Planner

When you need something done this girl jumps into action! Olivia excels at being one of the most driven employees in Michaelis Events. Coming in with limited event experience, Olivia was trained internally to fill a Project Management role and quickly exceeded expectations. By taking initiative and accomplishing tasks, Olivia was offered to take on another role as a Corporate Event Planner within Michaelis Events. She works on-site at events and acts as a representative of both the client, venue manager, event partners, and leader of Michaelis Events staff to ensure that all parties involved are communicating properly, executing the project for the client as a whole, and happy with the experience Michaelis brought to the event.    

heather luckett

Meet Heather 

Logistics Team Lead

Quickly finding her passion in team building and internal company growth, Heather works to improve procedures and policies within the logistics department. Heather works extremely hard at everything she does and gives 110%. She is known for doing whatever is needed for the benefit of the team! Heather has great skills in identifying potential growth inhibitions for the company and jumping into solution mode for how to fix them! She manages the logistics team, coordinates deliveries, vendors, as well as packing and inventory software automation. She works hard to ensure the quality of the products being delivered are maintained, organized, and accurate to the client's wishes. Heather works hard to ensure a positive and happy work place for both her warehouse crew and the on-site event staff.

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