At Home Anniversary

What the Client Wanted

A small at home event to celebrate their 20th anniversary with friends and family. Stylized with formal food, bar, and decor. 

Prep Time

One month

Event Prep Process

Because of the simplicity approach only one consultation was needed. This client has done a lot of work with us in the past and knows how we operate to get success. 

The primary consultation lasted 2 hours and entailed the overall vision and budget breakdown, a meeting with our floral designer, and private tasting with recommended dishes from our Chef, based on their flavor profile over the years.

Event Highlight

Amazing foods their guests have never tried!

What Made the Event Special

When our client's trust us to do what we do best, we are able to go above and beyond! And thanks to one of our favorite long time couples, that's exactly what we were able to do! Because we take extensive notes on our client's we are able to design events that we know truly represent them. We keep notes on our client's from their favorite colors, favorite foods, relevant things in their lives, small details we see in our meetings with them that add to each event! This event represented this couple in every way!


Guests had a great time dining, drinking, mingling and enjoying being with each other. And the celebrated didn't have to lift a finger! 


The food, service, everything was great. The consensus from our guests is the same. Thank you again for everything you did and for keeping up with all of our last minute changes!

~ Misters for MS

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