Derby Hotel Installation

What the Client Wanted

Roses throughout the main floors, with dramatic arrangements in the main lobby and a floral photo experience display 

Prep Time

One Month

Event Prep Process

We met with the client multiple times to really understand what they were wanting. Marriott has worked with some of the best floral designers in the past, so we had a high bar to hit!
After multiple design drawings and tours of the space, we finally came up with a design that the client loved! 
What made this project particularly challenging was the prep and upkeep of the roses to make sure they looked fresh and healthy for all guests to see. 
Over 4,000 went into one week of floral's at this particular venue. Arrangements were installed, refreshed and switched out at night while quests were sleeping to ensure an amazing quality each day. 

What Made the Event Special

Guests came from hotels all over Louisville just to get a picture in front of our Rose Wall! Lines formed in the lobby of the Marriott and created a lot of buzz on social media for this great hotel! 


Out-of-town guests enjoyed a true best-of-Kentucky experience, one of our specialties at Michaelis Events. Guests appreciated the out of the box designs that the hotel featured in their space, and look to see what the Marriott will bring in 2019!


I can not begin to tell you how amazing Michaelis Events is. I live in Dallas and had to put together an event in Louisville. I was a bit concerned how I was going to pull this off. From day one, Lauren was very responsive and very helpful. She made my job very easy and made me look great. ;) The event was a huge hit. The food was top notch and the staff was outstanding. They were attentive to all of our guests, helpful and very friendly. I look forward to next year!

~ Bourbon Event Client

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