UofL Fall Festival

What the Client Wanted

Norton wanted to through a huge festival to appreciate their employees and clients! This was tailored to be a family fun event so that their family and friends could join in!
Prep Time
Four months
Event Prep Process
Months of planning went into this project due to the scale and season of the event. Not only did we have to plan an event for thousands of families, but we also had to find a space that would fit them all! 
Thanks to the Water Tower, we were able to offer an indoor and outdoor space for their guests!
Event Prep Highlight
Multiple ideas for entertainment and activities went into this project. 
  • Pumpkin Painting
  • Bouncy Houses
  • Interactive DJ with props for kids
  • Indoor coloring festivities 
  • Bubble art
  • and more. 
Kids and adults both had fun participating in the festivities, enjoying a warm meal, and dancing to the beat in the outdoor tent!

Our Work