Jim Beam Event

Jim Beam Event

What the Client Wanted

A two-night, family-style holiday meal for 600 people at the Jim Beam Distillery, themed "come as friends and leave as family,” with as many dishes created as possible using the brand’s signature bourbon.

Prep Time

One month

Event Prep Process

We first received an online request from the Jim Beam marketing team. We then spoke with the client to answer questions about their event, and quoted the event price. The client and their associates flew in from Chicago for a tasting, and afterward signed the work contract and placed their deposit. Then our team visited the Jim Beam Distillery to survey the venue. This helped us create an accurate timeline and plan for the event. The day before the event took place, our team set up all the necessary equipment at the venue.

Event Prep Highlight

We were able to transform the event room from a public space into a festive and custom private setting.

What Made the Event Special

Our chefs were able to get creative with the bourbon and paired it wonderfully with the three-course meal.


The client stated that their team had worked with many catering companies out of Chicago and that they were blown away by our professionalism, promptness, communication and the delicious food that was able to be executed off-site. They were able to deliver their message of "come as friends and leave as family" while guests relaxed and enjoyed learning the history of the Jim Beam family.


I am writing to let you know how pleased we were with our event that your team catered last Friday evening for us.

Our guests had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the food and drinks and the wonderful service they received – I heard from our host that your team provided great service and she has already received many thank you emails from our guests who were very complimentary of your staff and the food! And your pastry team did an amazing job with the desserts!

I had the pleasure of working with Logan from beginning to end planning this event – what a great asset you have in Logan! She was so friendly, knowledgeable, patient and professional and so easy to work with! It is not always easy to plan events from afar and trust that they will go off smoothly and Logan worked so hard to make sure that our event was perfect! I couldn’t be more appreciative!

~ Jim Beam Representative

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