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We believe the best way to learn and to grow is by taking note from leaders who have lived and breathed what they do. Our guest speakers have concurred their industry by being recognized as one of the best and now they share their stories of success, struggle, and dreams for the future. Join mega CEOs, Denise Jerome and Robbie Jerome as they talk with national and global leaders on our special Podcast series, what's your "My ME Story?".

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Meet The Hosts
A Little About Denise and Robbie: Owners of Michaelis Events, A Wizard's Christmas, Signature Studio Events, Event Staffers, One Stop Property Guys, and RKJ Properties... their isn't much this couple hasn't concurred. With over 20 years experience in the food and beverage industry, all things events, and property management, they are both well known in their industry and have taken Louisville by storm. You can find Denise and Robbie, leading local business groups, writing their next book, or speaking at seminars and conferences within the region. 
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