A Wizarding Private Event

 About Our Wizarding Experiences

Our series is owned and operated by Michaelis Events. With it's own created story line, characters, houses, and school. Alabaster School of Witchcraft and Wizardy has become Kentucky's top rated holiday event series!

Apart from our ticketed Wizarding Christmas series, We offer replicated versions for...
Bar Mitzvahs
Corporate Events
Birthday Parties
Halloween Events
and So Much More!
Events can include experiences such as...
Great Hall Feast
Sorting Tower with House Flags
Marketplace Alley with Moving Shop Window
Large Marketplace with Demonstrations of Magical Products
Our own Magical Beasts
Custom Designed Desserts and Candies
Elixir Bar with Bubbling Potion Drinks
And more...
To Book this Event...
Visit our contact tab or call us at 502-243-0000.
To Create Your Own Signature Designed Event...
Our Services Include...
Theme Ideas with Audience Approval Reports
Overall Event Design, Budget, and Experience Layout
Public Approved Ticket Breakdown and Packages
Storyboards and Experience Diagrams
Itemized Budget for entire Event
Vendor, Actor, and Performer Liaison
Marketing Suggestions for Clients (Event Marketing is an additional fee/service provided by Michaelis Events.)
Graphic Designs for Event Logo, Stationery, Promotional Material, etc. 
And more.....
***All Signature Ticketed Events must be designed minimum 8 months in advance for best sales success!


Last Saturday our adventures led us to "A Wizards Christmas" in Frankfort. 
I loved reading the Harry Potter series, now my kids are following in my footsteps. 
Making memories with these muggles is one of my favorite things to do !
Presence, not presents!
Time is the ultimate gift

~ Liza Hylton

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