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Preferred Event Partner To Corporate & Wedding Venues Throughout Louisville KY 

We are professionals specializing in planning show stopping events. Sought out for our in-house, all-inclusive vendor team, filled with the absolute best creative professionals leading each service industry. At ME, we have a passion for creating unique experiences that generate a magic factor for our guests and viewers alike.

Wedding Venues Louisville KY;

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Uniquely Designed Just For M.E.

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Our team consists of calligraphers, planners & designers, caterers, florists, hair and make-up artists, photographers, and other procurement. Once you decide you want to become an M.E. bride or client, we become your people. We set up a time get to know you (whether you’re near or far) and begin to envision together the overall dream of your day. You can set aside the burden of coordinating wedding vendors, remembering details, stressing over timelines, and simply focus on the fun of creating your “fantastical” event. This really is a one-stop-shop for creating the epic day that you have been dreaming.

Wedding Venues Louisville KY 

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Our goal is to be your personal team of fairy godmothers behind the scenes and take on the checklist and problem solving involved in creating your “fantastical” experience. We’ll work with you the dreamer, to envision the overall experience, collaborate on the fun details, have our team of professionals create the actual magic, and manage all the chaos of the day.  

We know there are dreamers out there who long to step into their fantasy based ideas and turn them into a reality but aren’t sure how. We want to help create that story together! This is YOUR story after-all and we want to help bring it to life!




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Wedding Venues Louisville KY